Capital Civic Center Receives Grant from Marsha Buck Charitable Fund

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The Capital Civic Center, a cornerstone of cultural and community engagement in Alaska’s capital city, has received a significant boost through a generous grant from the Juneau Community Foundation’s Marsha Buck Charitable Fund. This support will aid in the center’s general operations, ensuring its role as an essential and vibrant hub for the community.

A Milestone for Juneau

“This news is thrilling for everyone in Juneau,” said Nancy DeCherney, The Partnership Fundraising Manager. “Having donors from the Juneau Community Foundation allocate their resources to support the Capital Civic Center highlights the project’s critical role within our community. We are profoundly grateful to the Marsha Buck Charitable Fund for its support and to the Juneau Community Foundation for enabling Juneauites to make meaningful investments in our future.”

Amy Skilbred, Executive Director of the Juneau Community Foundation, echoed this sentiment, stating, “The staff and the board of the Foundation are proud to be involved in this partnership that supports programs and projects like yours.”

The Capital Civic Center: A Hub of Creativity and Community

The Capital Civic Center represents a blend of public and private efforts to enhance Juneau’s existing community assets. This landmark facility is set to be a beacon for the arts, live and recorded performances, exhibitions, gatherings, celebrations, and various forms of creativity and work. The center will feature performance and gallery spaces, meeting rooms, offices for arts and cultural groups, and a café, complementing and expanding Centennial Hall’s capabilities.

Strategically located near the Walter Soboleff Center, Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall, and the Andrew P. Kashevaroff (SLAM) building, the Capital Civic Center will provide Juneau with a centralized venue for diverse activities, reinforcing its position as a cultural and social nexus in Alaska’s capital city.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Juneau, founded during the gold rush era of the late 19th century, has always been a city rich in cultural depth and historical significance. The Tlingit people, the area’s original inhabitants, have a profound connection to the land and its resources, which continues to influence Juneau’s cultural landscape today. The establishment of the Capital Civic Center can be seen as a modern-day extension of this deep cultural heritage, offering a place where the arts and community spirit can flourish.

Juneau’s cultural tapestry is woven with threads from its mining heritage, the impact of Russian exploration, and the enduring presence of Native Alaskan traditions. The Capital Civic Center will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in celebrating and preserving this heritage, providing a venue where diverse cultural narratives can be shared and appreciated.

The Role of the Juneau Community Foundation

The Juneau Community Foundation plays a crucial role in fostering community initiatives through its funds, grants, and scholarships. By supporting projects like the Capital Civic Center, the Foundation helps to create a more vibrant and connected community. For more information about the Foundation’s activities and how to contribute, visit Juneau Community Foundation’s About Us page.

Donations can be made at Juneau Community Foundation’s Capital Civic Center Fund page to support the Capital Civic Center Fund directly.

Looking Ahead

As Juneau continues to evolve, the Capital Civic Center will symbolize its growth and commitment to cultural enrichment. The Marsha Buck Charitable Fund grant provides immediate support and underscores the importance of community-backed initiatives in shaping a vibrant future for Alaska’s capital.

With the collective effort of the Juneau Community Foundation, the Marsha Buck Charitable Fund, and the people of Juneau, the Capital Civic Center is poised to become a central fixture in the city’s cultural and communal landscape, echoing the rich heritage of the past while embracing the potential of the future.