CBJ releases second round of 2023 preliminary unofficial election results—with little changing

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Friday's update did not change the status of any of the races.

As of Friday, Oct. 6, 26.60% of votes have been counted. That’s 7,387 ballots.

The updated unofficial results were released by CBJ late Friday evening. The statuses of each race are the same as Wednesday’s unofficial results, although gaps are widening.

Areawide Assembly candidates Paul R. Kelly and Ella Adkinson remain in the lead. Kelly jumped from 1,946 votes to 2,731 and Adkinson from 1,698 to 2,360. Nathaniel (Nano) Brooks edged closer behind Adkinson at 2,179 votes Friday after being at 1,489 on Wednesday; her margin over Brooks shrunk by 28 votes.

The two incumbent Assembly candidates strengthened their already large leads.

For District 1, Alicia Hughes-Skandijs now is in the lead over Joe Geldhof by 1,226 votes, after being ahead by 839 votes Wednesday.

Christine Woll still holds the lead for District 2 against David Morris. On Wednesday she was ahead by 1,391 votes and as of Friday, she stands ahead at 2,019 votes.

For the school board’s two open seats, David H. Noon and Britteny Cioni Haywood remain largely ahead Paige Sipniewski, with Noon at 4,558 and Cioni Haywood at 4,267. On Wednesday, Noon was counted at 3,216 and Cioni Haywood at 2,993, and Sipniewski at 1,646.

District 1 and 2 assembly candidates (left) and the three candidates running for school board (right). (Photo credit Jasz Garrett/KINY)

Wednesday’s count showed the new City Hall proposition leaning towards no, although it was a close call with 112 votes making the difference. As of Friday, the margin grew by 394 votes. 3,395 are for the new City Hall and 3,789 against.

The results won’t be considered official until they’re certified on Oct. 17.