Coast Guard responds to boat that sank during blizzard

Photo courtesy of Docks & Harbors

By Jasz Garrett

On Monday morning at about 9:00 a.m., Docks & Harbors realized while they were doing daily inventory and dock walks that they had lost a vessel on 3 float in Harris Harbor.

“We went down, the vessel was sunk. Contacted the Coast Guard, D.E.C, National Response Center. Coast Guard mobilized a contractor to come in and pulled the fuel bits. Divers did that,” Harbormaster Matt Creswell said. “Now we are working with the Coast Guard and local contractors to have the vessel refloated. Right now, there’s currently no sheening on the water. We hope to start refloating the vessel next Monday morning.”

While they didn’t have any other vessels sink during the storm, there was quite a few vessels that were not secured properly to the dock.

“Please check your boats, check your lines. Our staff during the biggest part of the blizzard were out, tightening up boats. And that’s something that we really, really rely on our customers to do. To take care of their own boats and make sure their lines are tight,” he said. “So that we’re not putting our staff in danger during the storm to keep their boats from breaking loose, sinking, or damaging other boats or potential injury to people.”