Cold Weather Is Here — Take These Steps to Keep Pipes From Freezing

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Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Cold weather came quickly this year with freezing temperatures forecast in the coming days. Remember that now is a critical time to take important preventive steps to keep your water pipes from freezing. Water pipes that are not properly insulated or maintained are at risk of freezing and/or bursting—an event that could leave you without running water as well as cause flooding and damage to your home or business. 

To prevent frozen water pipes, the City and Borough of Juneau recommends the following preventive measures:

  • Leave a pencil-thin trickle of water running in the sink to keep water circulating

  • Ensure crawl space vents are closed

  • Ensure pipes are properly insulated

  • Ensure heat tapes are plugged in and functioning

  • Turn off hose bibs, disconnect any hoses, and ensure they are properly insulated 

In the event that you do experience frozen pipes, contact a plumber or contractor. CBJ does not have the ability to thaw frozen water pipes.