DOT issues avalanche warning for Thane road

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Strong winds combined with heavy snowfall at higher elevations will significantly increase the avalanche hazard above Thane Road the next few days.


  1. Increased Hazard: Heavy snowfall and strong winds will increase the avalanche hazard, resulting in the increased likelihood of avalanches reaching Thane Road.
  2. Traveler Caution: Please obey posted warning signs along Thane Road. Avoid stopping or parking in designated avalanche zones.

Safety Measures:

  • If Thane Road becomes impassable due to avalanche debris, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) may be unable to clear the road promptly. Road clearing will only occur once the hazard has been sufficiently minimized through mitigation efforts or when the hazard naturally decreases.

Safety is a top priority. Stay informed, exercise caution, and adhere to all safety directives.