EPA Environmental Assessment on proposed compost site open for public comment

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) and Preliminary Finding of No Significant Impact regarding a proposed CBJ municipal compost site. The report is now available for public review and comment through Tuesday, December 26, 2023. See the complete EPA public notice here and read the reports and documentation on the EPA’s website.

CBJ proposes to develop a municipal compost site, including surface hardening, stormwater management measures and installation of electricity and water lines at the former Lemon Creek Gravel Pit (2300 Anka Street). The proposed site construction would be funded by a $2.5 million congressional appropriation for capital costs. Prior to receiving the federal funding, CBJ must undergo a formal application process, environmental assessment and subsequent public comment period. The EPA EA evaluated potential environmental consequences of the project and found no significant impacts to resources as a result of the implementation of either the Proposed Project or a No Action Alternative.

The proposed project would be the first step toward increasing community capacity and capability for future solid waste management. With approximately 20-years remaining for Juneau’s only landfill, increased waste diversion has been identified as a community priority. By constructing a composting site within the footprint of the former gravel pit, the community will have an opportunity to divert significantly more organic waste, which makes up to 22% of the annual waste stream going to the landfill, to extend the landfill’s lifespan and convert the organic waste material into usable finished compost.

EPA will consider public and agency comments on potential environmental impacts prior to making its decision regarding the implementation of the proposed project. The preliminary decision and finding will become final after the 30-day comment period if no new significant information is provided to alter this finding.

Questions and public comments may be sent to the EPA’s Domenic Calabro at calabro.domenic@epa.gov or (206) 553-6640, by December 26, 2023.