Floyd Dryden Middle School holds Winter Concert & Art Show

By Jasz Garrett

Families clap and cheer after the FDMS 6th grade band performs Thursday night. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett)

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The 6th grade Orchestra and Band hosted a winter concert Wednesday and Thursday night at Floyd Dryden Middle School (FDMS). After the concert, families could check out a student art show and see what their kids have been working on.

The 6th grade Orchestra plays the piece Wooch.Een by Kingeiisti D. Katzeek Yuxgitsy G. Holly on Thursday night.

FDMS art teacher Hosanna Bogert said it was a fun opportunity to see student art on display. She hopes it will inspire them to keep creating artwork and share it with the world.

She said she enjoys to see how a student’s artwork grows over time.

6th grader Haylee Ondrejka played violin during the winter concert and participated in the art show. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett)

Ondrejka said her favorite medium of art is sketching and ceramics.

Ondrejka’s mushroom mug. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett)

The art show included pieces from 6th graders, 7th graders, and 8th graders.

One project on display had the middle schoolers practice attention to small details.

“One of my favorites during the first week of school is I give them a candy bar. And so, they have to find all the details and sketch it. And then the next day they get to open it and eat part of it and draw it again. And then get to finish it and draw the crumpled wrapper,” Bogert said. “Finding detail and drawing what they see and taking the time to do it. So, it’s a mindful activity. You can taste it while you’re drawing it. And so, you’re kind of taking all of the senses in.”

Another project was experimenting with paper mache.

“When I asked the kids, ‘Who has done paper mache before?’ in a class of 25 students, maybe three had done any paper mache sculptures in elementary school,” she said. “I had the 6th graders do animals to start.”

6th grader Ruth Summers made a hammerhead shark paper mache for the art show. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett)

7th graders did form and shape for their paper mache projects, and 8th graders did figures in motion.

Other art projects included silhouettes, mask-making, and shading.

Another musical concert and art show will happen at FDMS in the springtime.