JPD has a Halloween PSA, advising about increased pedestrians

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Today, 10/31/2023, is Halloween and the Juneau Police Department wishes to remind motorists that there may be more pedestrians on the street than usual; many of them children. Please drive safely near pedestrians and watch for people running from house to house in neighborhoods.

Pedestrians are reminded to watch for motorists and cross streets at designated crosswalks if available. Pedestrians are advised to wear bright clothing, walk in groups, have adult supervision, and carry a light source. If trick or treating, do not enter a stranger’s house, and do not accept rides from people without your parents’ permission. Only accept unopened store-bought treats, unless it’s from people you know and trust. Inspect the treats in a well-lit area at home before eating them.

Be safe, be seen, and have a happy Halloween.