Juneau wrestling season wraps up for spring

Most of the JYWC Team before the last day of the AK USAW State Tournament. (Photo courtesy of Jason Hass)

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – “My muscles are so sore that it hurts to sneeze. But, I can’t wait to wrestle again tomorrow!” Tyson Foster exclaimed. He was one of the Juneau Youth Wrestling Club members competing in last weekend’s Alaska USA Wrestling State Tournament.

Sentiments similar to Tysons’ echoed throughout the Curtis Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla, where over 1,000 wrestlers were gathered to participate in this final Alaska USA Wrestling tournament of the season.

The JYWC traveled to Wasilla with 50 wrestlers, between the ages of 6 and 17 years old.

Oliver Abel competed in the Junior age division and said, “I am so proud of the young guys, the future, of our team for getting big wins. And I am grateful to my coaches who have helped me develop my wrestling technique and have made wrestling fun.”

Garrett Reid competed in the 8 year old and under age division. He mentions, “Even though I lost on the first day, I rested up and did better the next day. Because it’s really neat getting to wrestle next to the older kids”.

The AK USAW State tournament is unique in that the wrestlers get to compete in all three styles of wrestling.

The first day of the tournament was Folkstyle wrestling.

This is the style of wrestling most common in the United States and practiced on mens’ collegiate teams.

The next day of wrestling is Greco Roman style.

This is one of 2 international styles of wrestling and awards points for “high amplitude” throws, but prohibits using legs to execute or hinder a maneuver.

The third and final day of the tournament athletes participate in the Freestyle wrestling style, the most common international style of wrestling.

This is also the style USA Wrestling has been most successful at on the World and Olympic stage.

Each wrestler has their favorite style of wrestling and their favorite day of the tournament.

“The JYWC focuses on process driven goals, and each of the 50 wrestlers who accompanied our team to the tournament, wrestled their best and improved each day,” wrestling coach Jason Hass said. “As long as our primary goal is to wrestle to the best of our ability, successful outcomes will follow.”

Three JYWC athletes saw this process to fruition as they earned the highest possible achievement at the tournament, the Triple Crown Award.

This distinct honor is reserved only for wrestlers who won the gold medal in all three styles of wrestling. This year Landon Hill (14U 102 lbs), Camden Messmer (16U 113 lbs), and Nixie Schooler (14U Girls 108 lbs) each brought a Triple Crown back to Juneau.

“Our whole club knows that without the support of our Juneau wrestling family this would not have been possible,” Hass said. “And thanks to the entire Juneau community, especially those who purchased raffle tickets for our annual JYWC Raffle.”

Next, in late June, a handful of our JYWC wrestlers will be representing Team Alaska during the Western States Championships in Idaho. The JYWC will also be hosting multiple wrestling camps this summer.

Keep up to date on registrations and wrestling seasons at www.juneauwrestling.com.

Xavier Stixrud (JYWC) Sets-up Tristan Tilden (Dillingham) for Greco Roman Throw. (Photo courtesy of Jason Hass)
: Alex Marx-Beierly (JYWC) Pins Anthony Payne (Soldotna) to Take 2nd Place. (Photo courtesy of Jason Hass)