Juneau Residents Invited to Neighbors Day in Hoonah This Saturday

Hosted by Icy Strait Point, Neighbors Day in Hoonah this Saturday, June 15th, is a cherished event inviting Juneau residents to join the celebration of this picturesque Alaskan town’s rich history and vibrant culture. Situated on Chichagof Island, Hoonah is a place where tradition meets modernity, and this biannual event is a testament to the town’s enduring spirit and close-knit community.

Experience the Best of Hoonah

Experience Native Tlingit culture, unspoiled wilderness, and Alaska-sized adventure at Icy Strait Point. Board a catamaran in Juneau for a two-hour cruise to Alaska’s Icy Strait Point, the only Alaska Native privately owned cruise ship port. En route, watch for humpback and Orca whales, sea lions, seals, and other marine life.

Upon arrival at Icy Strait Point, embark on one of the scheduled tours or visit locally operated retail shops for unique souvenirs. Enjoy fresh seafood at waterfront view restaurants, and don’t forget to try the famous Alaska Crabby Bloody Mary. For those looking to explore, walk along the nature trail or wander through the museum to learn about the history of the cannery and the fishing industry in Hoonah. Be sure to take a ride to the top of the mountain. Access the Mountaintop gondola at the Wilderness Landing site and gently glide through the forest, 200 feet above ground, to reach the top of White Alice Mountain.

The Legacy of the Huna Tlingit and Icy Strait Point

The Huna Tlingit are the original inhabitants of Glacier Bay, where they lived for thousands of years. During the peak of the Little Ice Age, glacial advance forced the people to relocate from their homeland to present-day Hoonah, which means “where the north wind doesn’t blow.”

Fur traders arrived on Hoonah’s shores in the 1880s, and soon after, schools, churches, and stores followed. In 1912, the Hoonah Packing Company built the first cannery in the area, which today is Icy Strait Point. Ownership traded hands several times before the Icy Strait Salmon Company purchased the property in 1932. Since its inception, the cannery has played a key role in the community. Hoonah residents were employed there, and when a fire destroyed the town on June 14, 1944, many residents made the cannery their home while the city was rebuilt.

While the cannery ceased to produce salmon in 1953, it was used by the renowned Hoonah fishing fleet as a maintenance and storage facility until the late 1990s. In the mid-1990s, the Huna Totem Corporation bought the cannery and created what you see today. Many of the staff at Icy Strait Point are locals and Tlingit residents from Hoonah, ensuring that the cultural and historical essence of the place is preserved and celebrated.

Getting there

A two-hour catamaran cruise departs Auke Bay at 8:30 am June 15th. With limited spots available, book your adventure at IcyStraitPoint.com. Scheduled flights on Alaska Seaplanes; contact Ward Air for charter information or visit in August for the next Neighbors Day event.