Sealaska CEO Anthony Mallott stepping down to support company’s leadership repositioning

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Sealaska CEO Anthony Mallott announced he is leaving his position to help the Alaska Native Corporation shape a new leadership structure for the years to come, now that a growing, high-performing global business and skilled management team is in place.

“Now that we have a strong international business platform, we are thinking about how to do more to use business successes to benefit shareholders and communities,” Mallott said. “Our current level of success is proof of how much strength our values provide us. The time is right at Sealaska to reposition for continued progress.”

Sealaska’s ocean health-focused business platform, called Woocheen, is thriving. It includes sustainable seafood, construction, and geoscience expertise that keeps waters clean and supports the generation of energy from offshore wind.

“Everything we’ve been doing is working, and our businesses have exceptional leadership,” said Sealaska Board Executive Chair Joe Nelson. “We want to build on that by further integrating our programs with an organization that is focused on ocean health and aligned with the interests of shareholders.”

Continuing strong growth in Sealaska’s business profits will further enable programs that support education, workforce development, revitalization of Indigenous culture, and economic programs to help people and communities build to new economies based on long-term stewardship of natural resources.

“Our Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people have been connected to these lands for 10,000 years,” Mallott said. “It’s important to us to take care of our land and resources in a way that will benefit all people for generations to come.”

Mallott’s departure will be effective Jan. 1.

“Anthony has helped bring Sealaska to this place of tremendous strength,” Nelson said. “We are grateful for his care and commitment, and for his ongoing partnership. He will play an integral role working alongside us over the coming months, helping to shape our leadership approach for the years to come.”