UAS Evening at Egan Fall Lecture Series presents: Winter Fire Showcase featuring UAS Arts & Sciences Faculty

Evening at Egan Showcase Presenters (clockwise from upper left corner: Carin Silkaitis, Emily Wall, Lily Hope, Ernestine Hayes. Photos provided by UAS

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The annual fall lecture series Evening at Egan wraps up its season on December 8 with the final presentation, a UAS Creative Showcase, the Winter Fire Showcase. UAS Arts & Sciences faculty will come together to present a fusion of creativity and scholarly excellence and encourage a conversation about our community’s rich and diverse artistry. Described as a “testament to the power of imagination and inquiry”, the UAS Winter Fire Showcase will leave the audience with a sense of wonder and a deep appreciation for the myriad ways in which creativity and scholarship intertwine.

Faculty member Lily Hope titled the event, remarking that, for her, this title was about, “Eliciting a time of bundling up cozy together, yet sparking inspiration into clear, crisp skies.” Carin Silkaitis, Dean of Arts & Sciences remarked, “The Winter Fire Showcase embodies the spirit of creativity and scholarly passion that runs deep within the UAS Arts & Sciences community. As we gather for this event, we are reminded of the warmth and expressiveness that art can bring, even in the midst of winter.” Carin also expressed, “I am beyond thrilled to witness the brilliance and artistic prowess of our esteemed faculty, Emily Wall, Ernestine Hayes, and Lily Hope. These remarkable women are powerhouses of creativity, each with their unique style and vision. Their presence in this showcase is incredibly inspiring to me personally, and I am honored to share the stage with them.”