Wildlife Troopers and US Forest Service increased their enforcement presence during the Southern Southeast Sitka Blacktail deer “rut”

A Sitka Black Tail Deer Fawn. Photo by Tim Bowman and provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The Alaska Wildlife Troopers, along with assistance from United States Forest Service Law Enforcement, increased their enforcement presence during the Southern Southeast Sitka Blacktail deer “rut” in early November of 2023. This operation included the use of increased manpower, 12 patrol vehicles, four patrol vessels, five artificial wildlife, and a lot of rain gear. The program targeted two main areas of concern that the public has made complaints about over the last couple of years: Spotlighting and shooting from the roadway. The State of Alaska expects all hunters to realize the importance of hunter conduct and the need for safe firearm use and fair chase practice. The results from the operation efforts produced 53 charges/citations issued by Alaska Wildlife Troopers. 5 rifles and multiple spotlights were seized.

The following summons or citations were issued:

Taking game with artificial light charges:

Shane Seaford, 47, Craig. Aidan Cota, 18, Petersburg. Wade Adamson, 46, Craig. A juvenile, 16, Ketchikan.

Illuminating deer from a motorized land vehicle in units 1-5 charges:

Shane Seaford, 47, Craig. Shane Widmyer, 41, Ketchikan. Aidan Cota, 18, Petersburg. Wade Adamson, 46, Craig. Roger Trout Jr., 23, Ketchikan.

Taking game from a boat charge:

Amos Hudson, 40, Ketchikan

Unlawful possession of game charge:

Aidan Cota, 18, Petersburg.

Shooting from the roadway citations:

Teaka Dahlstrom, 29, Washington. Rudy Brooks, 45, Ketchikan. Shane Seaford, 47, Craig. Samuel Naramore, 63, Chugiak. Jeffey Baldridge, 39, Wasilla. Mathew Nichols, 67, Ketchikan. Frank Weatherbee, 73, Coffman Cove. Aidan Cota, 18, Petersburg. Timothy Dudley, 46, Juneau. James Kimura, 44, Fairbanks. Marty Martinez, 42, Metlakatla. John Zwick, 59, Naukati. Wade Adamson, 46, Craig. Charles Jennings, 69, Thorne Bay. Raymond Slayton, 61, Craig. Robert Pelkey Jr., 62, Ketchikan. James England, 23, Craig. William Yockey, 45, Coffman Cove. Alexander Riordan, 31, Wrangell. Jared Gross, 37, Wrangell. A juvenile, 16, Ketchikan. Quintin Yuill, 26, Ketchikan. Luke Rauwolf, 18, Ketchikan. Rhonda Green, 60, Ketchikan. Harry Martin, 49, Ketchikan. Jason Wakefield, 46, Coffman Cove. Joshua Reid, 48, Thorne Bay.

Fail to validate harvest ticket citation:

Aidan Cota, 18, Petersburg. Shane Widmyer, 41, Ketchikan. Titus Winrod, 42, Klawock.

Hunting without a valid hunting license citation:

Wesley Horner, 18, Craig.

Sportfishing without a valid license citation:

Brandon Reinke, 38, Ketchikan. Dustin Reinke, 44, Oregon

Driving while license is suspended charge:

John Zwick, 59, Naukati.

Driving without a valid license charge:

Roger Trout Jr, 23, Ketchikan

Driving without vehicle insurance citation:

John Zwick, 59, Naukati.