Wrangell has experienced a major landslide

City of Wrangell, Alaska. (Photo taken from the City and Borough of Wrangell Facebook page)

Wrangell, Alaska (KINY) – There has been a major landslide that has occurred at 10-12mi Zimovia Highway. The road has been blocked and access restricted.

There are ongoing search and rescue missions being conducted at the 11-mile landslide site. Our local search and rescue team is working with the Alaska State Troopers, USCG, USFS, local contractors, city staff, and DOT in a concerted effort to sift through and clear debris. A large-scale search and rescue effort cannot be done at this time as the site is extremely hazardous and unstable. A state geologist will have to come in to assess the site to ensure conditions are safe before proceeding with a full-scale effort.

The City asks that the public direct all important questions/concerns/inquiries to Mason Villarma, Interim Borough Manager at (360) 981-1010. If you are calling to report a missing person, please call the Wrangell Police Department at (907) 874-3304.