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The 4 general ways to grow your sales:

  1. Increase number of customers
  2. Increase frequency of transactions per customer visit
  3. Increase average transaction size
  4. Raise prices

Tactics for each sales growth strategy:

  1. Marketing for new customers
  2. Special limited offers to existing customers
  3. Add on suggestions and sales ie: would you like to start with an appetizer or alcholic drink
  4. Can you raise prices without upsetting your existing customers and stay competitively priced

Bringing enterprise solutions (big tech) to local businessess at a fraction of the cost.
No more worrying about SEO, online advertising, ad campaigns, coupons, SMS offer blasts, FB integration, Google Maps integration, eCommerce (selling online) and prospecting for new clients.

What does EaglePass.online offer your business?
Low cost, high quality online and offline integrated marketing programs.
The entire advertising and marketing objective for the small business should be to get them more sales.

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An entire marketing team of experts at your finger tips, without the expense of a normal marketing agency.

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