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Back in 1967 when I was 10 years old my father bought a guitar from Sears called an Eko. It was a lovely little instrument. Made in Italy, it had a beautiful finish with a curved, flamed maple back. It was just my size too, and I eagerly poured myself into learning chords and strums that I could sing along with. There was just one problem.

Learning to play guitar was KILLING my fingers! Fretting the chords hurt my fingers and I could never seem to get a clear sound.

Despite my progress, I decided playing guitar just wasn’t for me, and I QUIT! A few years later, when I was a freshman in high school I went to a music store with a friend that was shopping for a guitar. I picked up a guitar and strummed a few chords. Wait . . . . . I could PLAY this guitar! What I discovered then was something that most prospective beginning guitar players don’t realize. An instrument HAS to be set-up properly to be playable. Our little Eko guitar had strings that were WAY too high!

I had ZERO chance of succeeding because my instrument was all but un-playable, and I had no way of knowing it!

Happily, I got a second chance. My friend and I both purchased new guitars from that store. Within about a year, I was making money playing it and singing for weddings and other celebrations. Finding that new guitar changed my life, and that experience has driven my approach to the sales and service of instruments since then.

We only carry instruments that can be set-up to play well and can be serviced going forward. Tons of people buy beginning department store instruments that don’t meet our criteria. Those instruments have ruined the chances of many a prospective player, young and old, and ALL of them blamed themselves!

All instruments sold will be adjusted to play well. Those that can’t be are returned to the manufacturer. We have rejected many dozens of instruments at all price levels that disappoint us. Many of our customers bring us instruments purchased elsewhere for adjustment that turn out to be defective. Not all of these can be returned.

Most adjustments (with a few exceptions) made to instruments purchased at our store are done at no charge to our customers . . . . forever.

This is our commitment to you. That we will be with you for the entire journey. It’s our mission. And it started with a 10-year-old kid . . . . that just wanted to play guitar.

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