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News of the North

In the heart of Juneau and across Southeast Alaska, Local First News stands as the leading source of news and information. Dedicated to bringing you the most current and impactful stories, we delve deep into the events that shape our communities. From breaking news in Juneau to transformative developments across Southeast Alaska, our commitment is to keep you informed with precise and timely details. Local First News is your most reliable source for news that matters to you because when it comes to news in Juneau and Southeast Alaska, we believe in putting Local First.

Action Line

Action Line takes listeners on a journey through the heart of Juneau, Alaska, engaging with the individuals shaping our community. From spirited discussions with local leaders and change-makers to insightful conversations about the challenges and triumphs facing our region. This isn’t just news—it’s a powerful exploration of the events and ideas impacting our way of life. Tune in to join a community of listeners who are passionate about making a difference and staying informed about the real issues affecting our neighborhoods and beyond.

Capital Chat

Discover the heartbeat of Juneau’s cultural and community landscape with ‘Capital Chat.’ This series delves deep into the vibrant world of the arts and explores the dynamic cultural and social events happening in Alaska’s Capital City. Tune in to ‘Capital Chat’ for your essential guide to the pulse of our community, where every story is an adventure and every voice matters.

Problem Corner

“Problem Corner” stands as a unique and eclectic platform, proudly bearing the slogan “Buy, Sell, Trade or Vent” on KINY’s website. This show has become a vibrant community hub where callers freely engage in a wide array of discussions, ranging from fiery local political debates to community commentary and casual advertisements for listeners looking to buy, sell or trade personal items.

As a testament to its enduring relevance and appeal, “Problem Corner” has etched its name in the annals of Alaskan broadcasting history. It’s not just a radio show, but a cultural landmark, celebrated for being the longest-running radio show in Alaska. Its journey through the decades mirrors the dynamic changes in Southeast Alaska, making it a cherished institution in the region.

Conversations with Alaska Gardeners

“Alaska Gardeners” is your gateway to exploring the vibrant world of gardening in Juneau, Alaska, where the wilderness of towering mountains and the vast blue sea meet. This podcast series brings to life the unique challenges and unmatched rewards of gardening in the rugged yet beautiful terrain of The Last Frontier. Join us as we celebrate the passion and resilience of Juneau’s gardening community, sharing insights, tips, and stories from those who thrive amidst the challenges of Alaskan gardening.

Alaska’s Gold Medal Basketball Tournament

Dive deep into the heart and soul of Alaska’s most cherished basketball tradition with this captivating podcast series, originating from the live broadcasts on KINY Radio, this series brings you courtside to experience the thrills, spills, and pure emotion of the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament, an event that has woven itself into the fabric of Alaska’s sporting culture.

Since its inception in 1947, the Gold Medal Tournament has been more than just a basketball competition; it’s a gathering that unites communities and showcases the remarkable talent across Southeast Alaska. Held annually in Juneau, this week-long event turns the city into a buzzing hub of excitement, where teams from across the state compete not just for the coveted gold medals, but for pride, honor, and the continuation of a legacy.

The action begins March 17th live on KINY, streaming on the free Juneau Media Center App and on all podcast listening platforms.