Texarkana Student Wins Car For Perfect Attendance

A Texarkana High School Student won a car for her perfect attendance.

A Texarkana High School Student won a car for her perfect attendance.Robbins Toyota honored local students with perfect attendance by awarding one of them a brand new 2024 Toyota Corolla. This year, the lucky recipient was Layla Lane from Liberty-Eylau High School.

“I was shocked. I really didn’t think I would win,” Lane shared.

Eighteen high school seniors from five Texarkana-area schools were invited to the drawing. Although only one could win the car, all participants left with prizes.

“We have a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro for the second and third place winners,” said Susan Robbins, owner of Robbins Toyota. “Additionally, each student with perfect attendance will receive a $100 gift card. So, no one goes home empty-handed.”

Robbins emphasized that while students often get rewarded for their grades, this contest aims to level the playing field. “Attending school is very important. It doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest kid in the class or if school isn’t really your thing but you still attend regularly. With this program, you don’t need straight A’s or a 4.0 GPA; you just need to show up.”

As Layla prepares to embark on her journey at North Texas University, Robbins Toyota remains committed to supporting the community’s future. “When you’re fortunate and have been blessed like we have, it’s very important to give back to the community,” Robbins stated. “I’ve chosen to focus on the schools because that’s where our future leaders are coming from.”

Additionally, several teachers from Texarkana-area school districts were honored with a free one-year car lease for being named “Teachers of the Year.”