Wake Village And Nash Texas Police Warn Of Increase In Vehicle Burglaries

Vehicle burglaries are on the rise in Wake Village and Nash Texas.
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This is from the Wake Village Texas Police Department Facebook Page:

Attention, residents of Wake Village and Nash, Texas!

We’d like to address the recent increase in vehicle burglaries in our area. It’s crucial to take steps to protect your vehicles and belongings. Always lock your car, avoid leaving valuables in plain sight, and consider installing an anti-theft device.

Most of these burglaries have occurred overnight, particularly in the early morning hours, and primarily involved unlocked vehicles. To prevent this, please ensure you remove all valuables, lock your vehicles, and report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

Let’s work together to keep our community safe and secure! Remember: lock your car, take your valuables, and hide any belongings that might attract thieves. Stay vigilant and help us protect our neighborhood.